How we built this

Big projects require time and teamwork and this wouldn’t have been possible without the commitment of an incredible bunch of people. Billy Blue AR was built in collaboration with the Sydney office of internationally renowned agency SomeOne & VCCP, AR extraordinaires Unbnd, three very talented Billy Blue interns and influenced by the work of over 100 students and alumni from across the globe.

  • 1


    Understanding how students want to engage with education providers, particularly in design.

    Result: Lead us to an AR experience

  • 2


    Discussions and concept development with students and alumni.

    Result: Decision to bring a flavour of the courses into your own space

  • 3


    Working out the details. Planning the user experience.

    Result: A solidified direction

  • 4


    Initial design for how the concept would come to life. Dozens of test scketches, even more adjustments.

    Result: Landing the theme for each world

  • 5


    Turning sketches into ‘physical’ forms that can animate and materialise in augmented reality. From white renders to coloured and textured.

    Result: Close to the final output

  • 6


    Putting all the design into practice. Making it move, and testing, testing, testing.

    Result: The finished experience!

Behind the scenes

Like much of the student work featured in this experience, every great piece of work begins as a concept — draft sketches that eventually materialise into something crafted and tangible. Along the way things evolve. Our process was no different. Take a peek below...